No more grease, spots, or dust.

Even with the best laminator (and printers) results can be greatly influenced or even damaged without the proper tools. We’ve seen too many material problems and cut equipment which can be solved very easily with the right tools.

Economy Liner Tool from Image One Impact.

Excellent little safety knife which cuts the liner of your laminate with easy so webbing of your laminator becomes a breeze. Also very useful to cut your laminate itself, printmedia or use it with your printer?
No more risk in cutting your roller (the most important part of your laminator) or cuts in your table or other equipment.

Graphics Gloves from Image One Impact.

Used daily by professionals in the graphics industry, the GraphicsGlove™  will ensure your expensive print medias are protected from oil and sweat transfer from your hands, offer excellent glide when used during hand-cutting in the shop or in the field. And, this is why treating print media, substrates and even prints and photos with care upfront should always be a priority in your shop.

Staticure anti static solutions

The Shield laminator has very high quality electric systems and brushless motors eliminating any anti-static cause from the laminator itself. However, sometimes printmedia (like roll-up or pop-up) can be very static. Also for this we have an excellent solution from Staticure. For the Shield we have a special low-cost wire pack.

Ask your distributor for our Tool packs for lamination.

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