Why our focus on pneumatic pressure?

This is actually very easy to understand: Whenever you apply a piece of vinyl with your squeegee, also then you notice a great difference in results when you change to pressure you apply yourself with your squeegee.

Where it used to be “5 kg squeegee pressure” it is now not always equal with many new vinyl tapes in the market looking at 10-15 years ago. Easy Apply, Comply and much more differences in adhesives, vinyls and media.

Every combination asks for complete control on your lamination settings to make a perfect result!

With conventional Mechanical laminators, pressure is controlled by:

  • The Weight of the Roller.
  • Very basic spring mechanisms.

So with these laminators you have no pressure control at all, especially not with models with only a crank sideways to control the height.
Also Electro-mechanical models have very basic controls and no measurable pressure readout, only control over the height of the roller-gap.

Therefore: Air Pressure / Pneumatics.

Now this technology is available in the Shield Laminator which offers you:

  • 100% Pressure control.
  • Exact pressure readout making your results measurable and repeatable.
  • Always 100% right and left equal pressure on your roller. Highly needed for correct lamination and easy full roll lenght lamination jobs.

Most vinyl manufacturers offer detailed technical documents for all their films and laminates. Be sure to check them and learn.


  • Avery Dennison Technical Bulletin 5.4 about processing tips. Download here.
  • 3M Instruction Bulletin 4.22.1 about lamination techniques. Download here.
Pneumatic Cyilnder