Shield is ready for your future business!

Our first focus with the Shield was: accessibility.
The very best technology and quality can’t come at the cheapest price-level, however we do want Signmakers on a budget enjoy the best quality for their customers.
That’s why with SHIELD you can buy the absolute basic model and upgrade with options whenever you’re ready. Best is, that many options can be installed by the Signmaker themselves. Very easy.

Your Shield will grow with your business!

Which options are there available from the Base version?

  • Heat assist unit. (service installer recommended)
  • Rewind and Feed bar units. (service installer recommended)
  • Steady support feet.
  • Feed assist bars.
  • Pneumatic Vertical Trimmer.
  • Seperate Roll Holders.
  • Anti-static solutions.
  • etc.

And of course, we’re already designing future products which will be always compatible with the Shield!

Available on: Shield, Shield+