Easy alignment with exact rulers.

Essential for long run lamination jobs is a perfect alignment of your rolls. Not only your printmedia and laminate but also everything else. Therefore we’ve added exact rulers on the rollholders for easy allignment of:

  • Laminate roll holder.
  • Liner take-up roll holder.
  • Media Feed roll holder.
  • Media rewind roll holder.
  • Feeding table.

Also, all roll holders are equal, so your can exchange them between all units on the machine, and they are also compatible with the new Neolt Electro Trim machines. (contact us for more information)

Available on: E-lam, Shield, Shield+

Shield makes alignment easy, however if your media isn’t straight in the machine you will never get good results.
It is very important to make sure the laminate and printmedia is nicely tight rolled on the carton where the side of the roll is as straight as possible.

See below how easy it is to switch your roll holders on the Shield!  They are all the same to super fast exchange and no unneeded removal of your cores minimizing time.