Heat assist options

We have a Heat Assist option for the Shield laminator up to 45C. Exactly the perfect selection to use when heat is needed for Self Adhesive PVC vinyls.
Our heating is not based on IR glass tubes which you see in many other machines. Glass tubes regularly cause problems because of not being shock resistant and often break during transport. Our heating elements are extremely durable and built to last.

Our heating features:

  • Extremely durable.
  • Equal Roll heating.
  • Exact outside roll temperature measurement.
  • Temperature range modifications possible for special applications and markets.

Available on: E-lam, Shield. Shield+ also as Double hot-roller to 120C.

Custom made temperature modification can be made for exact customer specifications. This concerning temperature methods, ranges, mainboard settings and controller options. Ask us for the possibilities.

Using heat assist with Self Adhesive Vinyls

A common mistake by signmakers is to use too much heat when laminating to avoid silvering. Silvering occurs when the adhesive is not completely flows and will turn dark image areas grey/silver. Especially in blacks this is obvious.
Also heat may make lamination easier and will make the laminate more “smooth” cause less wrinkles in the result.

However, there is also a big risk in using heat!
Thinner vinyls like polymeric and especially cast vinyls are designed to stretch when heat is applied. So when laminating media you could actually need less length of laminate than the printmedia causing curls and large problems in long term applications like de-lamination or loose-edges.

Do not use heat assist with cast laminates and especially 3D applications like car-wrapping. Always follow vinyl manufacturers guidlines:


  • Avery Dennison Technical Bulletin 5.4 about processing tips. Download here.
  • 3M Instruction Bulletin 4.22.1 about lamination techniques. Download here.