Brushless vs Brushed motors?

We have chosen to use Brushless motor technology for powering the most important part, the lamination roller. This because this way we can offer the highest available quality needed for continuous perfect result and the lowest maintanance.

Advantages of Brushless over Brushed motors are:

  • Extreme low maintanance because there are no brushes that can wear out.
  • Speed/Torque- flat. This enables operation at all speeds with a rated load.
  • High efficiency, no voltage drop or irregular speeds.
  • Superior thermal characeristics. (low heat)
  • Very low friction.
  • No static electricity issues causing difficulty in lamination or dust attraction.

However, Brushless motors are a little bit more expensive  but we were able to keep the best of technology in a perfect mid-priced laminator.

Available on: Shield, Shield+

Brushed vs Brushless