One size fits all!

Where digital printers and print media have evolved over the year to standard sizes of 152cm (60″) and 160cm(63″) it is critical that you have a laminator which is future proof!

Maybe your doing well with your 137cm (54″) printer now, but the lifespan of a laminator is much longer (or should be) than your printer.

Actually, we’ve made our rollers even a little longer: 165cm (65″).
Now it’s super easy to load your media fast and you won’t be “punished” if you made an alignment mistake in your hurry. You will have two inch extra margin for your small mistakes with rush-jobs.

We understand and listen to signmakers needs.

For customers with no plans to go wide: Our E-lam is also available in 1400mm. Shield and Shield+ only 1650mm.