Say goodbye to wrinkles.

A large problem in lamination for signmakers are wrinkles that are caused by the printmedia. Often the printed media is “wavy” due to humidity, bad storage or just inferior vinyls. Also when laminating with feeding tables friction can cause unnecessary static electricity build-up.

We have solved this with our optional heavy duty Feed Assist Rollers. We have three:

  • Front. (for media feed with using the table)
  • Bottom . (for direct roll to roll media feed, or additional backing feeding)
  • Back. (for smooth rewinding)

Many signmakers have many different lamination jobs: sometimes small sheets, rigid media and sometimes full rolls. Therefore we advice to have the Front Media Feed Roller so that the Feeding Table doesn’t have to be tilted and can stay in its place.

Smooth lamination, Less Time.

Available on: Shield, Shield+