It’s all about Tension.

Next to Pressure, also Tension is one of the main aspects of lamination to succeed or fail your job. Usually Signmakers are in doubt and “play” with the tension knobs until the result is good.

This is actually a good thing!

However most tension control with other laminators have weak springs and control knobs where you have to re-adjust very quickly giving you an uneven result.
The Tension System of the Shield has been perfected with:

  • Extreme high quality springs.
  • Tension settings do not fade, so no re-adjusting necessary during lamination.
  • Tension measurement guide to remember your settings.

Also our Tension System is equal on all roll holders and fully interchangeable:

  • Material Feed Unit. (2x) (E-lam 1x)
  • Material Rewind Unit. (2x) (E-lam 1x)
  • Liner take-up Unit.
  • Lamination Roll Unit.

Available on: E-lam, Shield, Shield+